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Wayne Car Dealerships To Pay $135,000 In Consumer Affairs Lawsuit

Two Wayne auto dealerships have agreed to pay $135,000 in a settlement of a lawsuit claiming they deceived and failed to disclose information about used vehicles to potential customers, authorities announced. More »

Why Cuomo’s nail-salon crackdown will hurt immigrants

The Department of Labor will have to raid salons, check their business licenses and audit their records. Some of these nail salons lack licenses, so they will be shut down. More regulatory enforcement will hurt many of the workers it’s intended to help. More »

New York City’s Landmarks Law at 50

New York City’s landmarks preservation law turns 50 on Sunday. Any who doubt its continuing significance should head to the West Side of Manhattan, to the building it came too late to save. Pennsylvania Station in 2015 is a monument to civic suffocation, a basement of low, dust-blackened ceilings, confusing corridors, beer-and-popcorn dealers, yowling buskers and trudging commuters. More »